Intermediate Powerpoint resources

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Intermediate Powerpoint resources

By Mary Nasieku
Fire Safety image

Classification of fire- Classes of fire Fire prevention- How to prevent fire occurence. Extinguish fire- How can fire be extinguished Contigency Plan- Cleaning of environment incase of fire

By stars' bucket
A Powerpoint Presentation on Afaan Oromo image

a power point for afaan oromo learners who want to speak afaan oromo in a short period of time. Which will guide them through the process.

10 USD
By Medical knowledge
Some common symptoms of GIT and their Differential Diagnosis image

In this package we are having power point slides of some common GIT symptoms with a list of their differential diagnosis . You will find it very useful and integrated. Thank You!!

By Software Perks
Self-Efficacy Theory (Presentation) image

This PowerPoint presentation provides a concise overview of the Self-Efficacy Theory, aimed at helping you grasp the concept and effectively communicate it to others. 16 Elegant Slides.

By Wellness World
Pengurusan Emosi ke Arah Kecemerlangan Akademik image

Dalam slide ini, cikgu berkongsi dengan anda semua bagaimana pengurusan emosi boleh membantu meningkatkan pencapaian akademik pelajar.Khas untuk adik-adik yang bakal menduduki peperiksaan Darjah 6, Sekolah Menengah dan...

By All about AI
"Comprehensive AI (Artificial Intelligence) Presentation" image

Are you looking for a professionally crafted PowerPoint presentation that covers essential topics in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Our "Comprehensive AI Presentation" is your ideal solution. Whether you're a student...

By Asanka Perera
Mathematics - Indices image

A Powerpoint presentation which is ideal for teachers for using as a teaching aid in the teaching-learning process. Students can master the lesson of indices in Algebra. (Intermediate level) Consists of considerable...

By Midhila K
NSM - Computer Oriented Numerical and Statistical Methods image

PPT of First and Second Module of NSM subject. Calicut University. Total 101 Slides including practice questions. topics: Number systems and conversions Round off and errors and types Numerical stability System of...

By Midhila K
*PPT explaining Divide and Conquer rule and Merge Sort image

PPT explaining divide and conquer algorithm in brief and clear manner with a detailed explanation of example Merge sort including algorithm and code.