Intermediate Teaching learning materials (TLMs) resources

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Intermediate Teaching learning materials (TLMs) resources

By Statistics and Probability
Solved Problems: Control Charts, Sign Test, Regression, Hypothesis and Descriptive image

The following documents contain the graduate and postgraduate level problems related to Descriptive Statistics, Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals, Regression Analysis and Inference in Regression and...

By Lazy Books
Printable/Digital Reading Arabic Alphabets for Beginners Book 1 image

Welcome to "Arabic Is Fun : Reading Book 1 : Unlocking Alphabets, Two-Letter Words, and Diacritics". Take a fascinating journey into the Arabic language, where the art of comprehension and the beauty of writing collide....

By Prerna
5 Fully Functional Web Development Projects image

This product includes 5 fully functional web development projects, each developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The projects are designed to be educational and can be used by web developers of all levels to learn new...

By SW Strategic Research and Data Analytics Wing's
Basic Stata Interface Training Module image

This module serves as an introductory guide to navigating the basic STATA interface. Whether you're new to STATA or looking to refresh your knowledge, this module will help you become familiar with the essential...

By shruti
All 12th maths formulas image

11th and 12th Important Math Formula List: A Handy Guide for Math Lovers** Do you love math and want to ace your entrance exams? Do you need a quick and easy way to revise and practice the most important math concepts?...


In this book, read notations for 5 Golden Hits of one and only Shahrukh Khan. Notes include all the lead, chords and music pieces of this song. With the help of these notatons, the songs can be played on any musical...

By Sandeep maloth
Core Java trainining videos,PPT, Programs, Question answers and notes image

Contains 12 videos of 2 hours duration each useful for self help training course material with Core Java trainining videos PPT Question answers and notes 1. videos 2. PPT 3. Java Programs 4. Question answers / notes for...

By Vedic Scriptures-Satyarthi
Which are some Sanskrit slokas on women empowerment? image

Women empowerment is a topic sometimes it gets controvercial but then one always wants to find out where are the root causes and solutions. Was it always like this that woman always get descrimination by the society and...

Network Engineering image

These are Packet Tracer , ENSP and GNS3 Files implementing hospital, banking, school/campus , multi-floored cooperates network designs. It also includes servers, IoT devices interconnection, cameras, Tv and VoIP...