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By Hafsa Tariq
Mechanisms of Circular DNA Replication: A detailed Explanation. image

Mechanisms of Circular DNA Replication What is Circular DNA? What is Replication? Importance of Replication. Mechanisms of Replication. Comparison between Theta Replication and Rolling Circle Replication

By Hafsa Tariq
Edible Vaccines image

“EDIBLE VACCINES” A general review on Edible Vaccines; Mode of Action, Production, Alternative agents, Advantages, Limitations, Challenges and Future prospective.

By Aaqib Raza
(Research) Transmission Loss Prediction of a Waveguide with Double Inlet and Double Outlet image

Transmission loss prediction of a waveguide with double inlet and double outlet: Introducing groundbreaking research that delves into the intricate world of waveguide acoustics! Our study focuses on predicting...

By Aaqib Raza
History of Mathematics image

The history of mathematics is truly an amazing and intriguing story that spans many centuries, with contributions from a wide range of cultures and civilizations. Throughout this blog, we will explore the early origins...

By David MN
Near Light-speed Space Travel image

This is a 3 full pages, single-spaced paper on Near Light-Speed Space Travel. The paper specifically covers: Near light-speed space travel, Human hibernation (for long space trips), and iquid breathing and immersion (to...

25 USD
By Statistics and Probability
Solved Problems: Control Charts, Sign Test, Regression, Hypothesis and Descriptive image

The following documents contain the graduate and postgraduate level problems related to Descriptive Statistics, Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals, Regression Analysis and Inference in Regression and...

By SW Strategic Research and Data Analytics Wing's
Basic Stata Interface Training Module image

This module serves as an introductory guide to navigating the basic STATA interface. Whether you're new to STATA or looking to refresh your knowledge, this module will help you become familiar with the essential...

By MarksMaster
IMPACT OF FDI ON QATAR ECONOMY (Economics, Investment, and Finance) image

"Impact of FDI on Qatar's Economy" Explore the intricate relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and Qatar's economy with this comprehensive 10,000-word dissertation. Tailored for subjects like Economics,...

By MarksMaster
Kidney Stone and cyst Detection using Deep learning, CNN and AutoKeras image

Kidney Stone Detection Using CNN and Autokeras Millions globally suffer from kidney stones, emphasizing the need for early identification. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have shown promise in medical imaging,...

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store

Title of the project : EXPLORING THE WORLD WITH KELLOGG'S COMPANY APA Templete in Microsoft world cover page abstract the body (3 pages) the reference page calibri font font size 12 without plagrism grammer...

By Anup Singhania - CPA | CFA L2 | 5K+ students | A++
Research Report about the Role of hybrid Bonds in the Australian Banking System image

This report is around 5500 words and 20 pages with diagrams and tables inserted in the text (included front page, table of contents, bibliography and Appendix) The report needs to meet high academic research and...

By Inspire Enginnering Academy's Store
Report on Plastic Removal BMP's For Marine Debris/Litter/Trash image

A well compiled 30 pages report on above mentioned topic. The content includes following chapters. 1. Abstract 2. Table of contents 3. List of figures 4. List of tables 5. Introduction - Includes introduction to the...

By Aakash Verma
Sentiment Analysis of IMDb Reviews using Decision Tree and Multinomial Naive Bayes Models. image

In this project, we delve into the realm of sentiment analysis using machine learning techniques on the IMDb dataset. Our primary goal is to predict sentiment polarity—positive or negative—of movie reviews, employing...

By Aakash Verma
Predicting Insurance Costs with Machine Learning models. image

In this project, we embark on a data-driven exploration into the world of insurance cost prediction using advanced machine learning techniques. Our primary objective is to harness the power of three distinct regression...

By Aakash Verma
Predicting Casualties in Road Accidents: A Comparative Analysis using ML Models. image

In this project, we delve into the realm of road safety analytics, aiming to predict the number of casualties in road accidents using advanced machine learning techniques. Our primary objective is to harness the power...

By Aakash Verma
Predicting Car Recommendations from Reviews: A Comparative Analysis of ML models and NLP. image

In this project, we delve into the world of sentiment analysis and recommendation prediction by utilizing advanced machine learning techniques. Our primary objective is to predict car recommendations based on customer...

By Aakash Verma
Predicting Health Condition Labels using Machine Learning (Stress Detection). image

In this project, we embark on a data-driven exploration into the realm of healthcare analytics, aiming to predict health condition labels using advanced machine learning methodologies. Our primary objective is to...

By Aakash Verma
Predicting Agent Bonus in Insurance: A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Models image

In this project, we embark on a journey into the realm of predictive analytics within the insurance sector, focusing on the prediction of Agent Bonus using advanced machine learning techniques. Our primary objective is...

By Aakash Verma
Predicting Consumer Purchases using Machine Learning image

In this project, Our focus is on understanding the underlying factors that influence a consumer's choice to make a purchase, and we explore the predictive accuracy of three prominent machine learning models: Decision...

By MarksMaster
Skin Cancer Detection using Deep learning using CNN and AutoKeras image

Product Description: Advanced Skin Cancer Detection System Introducing our groundbreaking solution for early skin cancer detection through the power of deep learning and innovative technology. Our system employs...