Grade 12 Chemistry (A level) resources

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Grade 12 Chemistry (A level) resources

By Promise Miracle
The Periodic Table (1) image

Topic: The Periodic Table (1): Lecture Note Format: PDF (PowerPoint of 24 slides) Class: Beginners and Intermediates Lesson note content: Lesson objectives, evaluation questions, bullet points, tables etc

By Anoop's store
Periodic Table (Classification of Elements - Periodicity in Properties) image

The following lucid content of this lecture series on 'Modern Periodic Table' is highly useful for Grades 11 - 12 & AS - A level students. Lecture-1 Content: - Modern Periodic Law - Classification of Elements &...

By Saima Gul
lecture#1 Organic Compounds image

Introduction ┬┤In our surrounding most of the things are made up of organic molecules. For example the food we take is made up of carbohydrate, protein, fats, and oils etc. medicines, colors, various polymers, CNG, and...

By Karen's Review Materials and Solutions
General Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry Review image

Covers topics in General Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry (matter, types of matter, atoms, electronic configurations, periodic trends, intermolecular forces, gases, chemical reactions, chemical equilibrium, acids and...