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Bachelors/Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering resources

By Nishar Alam Khan
CFD-Based Design and ANSYS Analysis of Heat Exchanger for Enhanced Heat Transfer image

Introducing the latest advancement in heat exchanger design and analysis: the CFD-enhanced Heat Exchanger with and without Baffle Plate. In this innovative project, we utilize cutting-edge Computational Fluid Dynamics...

By Nishar Alam Khan
Design and CFD analysis of Centrifugal Pump using ANSYS for different blade numbers image

This project delves into the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of a centrifugal pump utilizing ANSYS software. The analysis focuses on three distinct blade models, each equipped with a different number of...

By Sandeep
Vehicle powertrain Mechanical Matlab simulink 2021a version assignment help image

CW2: Individual Assignment - Vehicle Powertrain & Dynamics Introduction In the tutorial sessions we have developed a simplified MATLAB Simulink model of an electric vehicle, tested its performance throughout a...

By Narayan's Literary Haven: Explore, Enrich, Engage

Force-deformation relationships describe how an object or material responds to applied forces by undergoing deformation. This concept is crucial in understanding the mechanical behavior of materials and structures. When...