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Bachelors/Undergraduate ANSYS resources

By Nishar Alam Khan
CFD-Based Design and ANSYS Analysis of Heat Exchanger for Enhanced Heat Transfer image

Introducing the latest advancement in heat exchanger design and analysis: the CFD-enhanced Heat Exchanger with and without Baffle Plate. In this innovative project, we utilize cutting-edge Computational Fluid Dynamics...

By Nishar Alam Khan
Transient Multiphase VOF Simulation and Analysis of Wave Motion using ANSYS FLUENT image

The analysis provides insights into the fluid dynamics behavior within the WaveTube under varying wave conditions. However, challenges were encountered, particularly in mesh generation and dynamic mesh handling,...

By Mechanical Solution
Truss Analysis image

Is this study I perform the truss analysis by using different Numerical software like ANSYS, ABAQUS, and Solid Works and compared the Results Obtain from the analytical Method.

25 USD
By Mechanical Solution
Mesh Sensitive Study of Cylindrical Shell image

In this, I analysed cylindrical shells made of composite material while considering different element sizes for meshing and then compare these results with analytical ones. We calculated the buckling load of the...

By Nishar Alam Khan
Design and CFD analysis of Centrifugal Pump using ANSYS for different blade numbers image

This project delves into the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of a centrifugal pump utilizing ANSYS software. The analysis focuses on three distinct blade models, each equipped with a different number of...

By Mechanical Wizard
Analysis of truss problem by three different approaches, ABAQUS, handcalculations, MATLAB image

Truss is solved using analytical calculations(hand-calculations), ABAQUS(simulation) and MATLAB(code). Detailed procedure is described in this report step-by-step. In case of any query drop me a message, would be happy...

By Mechanical Wizard
Report on Optimization study of tension strip with opposite semicircular edge notches image

Report includes python scripting, ABAQUS modelling, full factorial DOE optimization. For any query, drop me a message, would be happy to assist you. In this assignment, optimization study of tension strip with opposite...