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Bachelors/Undergraduate Medicine resources

By Yusra Atif
Commonly Asked Question in Examination Station of OSCE ( undergrads level ) image

Questions related to examination are asked during OSCEs of undergrade level, and it is so confusing to find questions at one place but NOT NOW.This pdf will help you in learning / practicing questions that are commonly...

By Yusra Atif
Difference b/w Nephritic & Nephrotic syndrome - Dr. Najeeb's lecture summary image

Difference between Nephritic syndrome and Nephrotic syndrome is difficult to understand. These notes will help you solve your many queries about these syndrome. Following are the main questions that can be answered...

By Yusra Atif
Active Tansport image

This the short pdf of slides of Active transport from Guyton and Hall textbook of physiology for giving lecture to first year MBBS and BDS students. This pdf includes all the important pictures of the topic.

By Medicine_ace academy
Comprehensive Notes on Virology/ USMLE image

Welcome to these comprehensive Virology notes tailored specifically for USMLE preparation. In this concise yet thorough resource, I have distilled the key principles of virology to help you master the essential concepts...

By Medicine_ace academy
Comprehensive Meningitis Medicine Notes image

Welcome to my comprehensive Meningitis Medicine Notes, an invaluable resource for medical professionals, students, and anyone interested in understanding this serious neurological condition. These notes delve deep into...

By Medicine_ace academy
Cardiovascular system Medicine/Usmle image

Introducing my meticulously crafted collection of medical notes, a valuable resource designed to empower healthcare professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike. These notes represent a comprehensive compilation of...

Master the Complexities of Glomerulonephritis: Comprehensive Online Lecture image

Dive into the intricate world of glomerulonephritis with our comprehensive online lecture, tailored specifically for students and healthcare professionals. This expertly crafted course is designed to enhance your...

By Medical knowledge
Some common symptoms of GIT and their Differential Diagnosis image

In this package we are having power point slides of some common GIT symptoms with a list of their differential diagnosis . You will find it very useful and integrated. Thank You!!

By Medical knowledge
Some common GIT diseases with symptoms and solution image

In this package we are having common GIT disease which is really short and easy to review.It is mainly for review purpose and you will like it .It will help you alot.Thank you

Leukemias and Lymphomas Explained: A Student and A Teacher's Interactive Guide image

Embark on an insightful journey into the world of blood cancers with our comprehensive PowerPoint presentation on Leukemias and Lymphomas. This expertly crafted resource is tailored specifically for students and...