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Bachelors/Undergraduate Pathology resources

By Yusra Atif
Difference b/w Nephritic & Nephrotic syndrome - Dr. Najeeb's lecture summary image

Difference between Nephritic syndrome and Nephrotic syndrome is difficult to understand. These notes will help you solve your many queries about these syndrome. Following are the main questions that can be answered...

Master the Complexities of Glomerulonephritis: Comprehensive Online Lecture image

Dive into the intricate world of glomerulonephritis with our comprehensive online lecture, tailored specifically for students and healthcare professionals. This expertly crafted course is designed to enhance your...

Leukemias and Lymphomas Explained: A Student and A Teacher's Interactive Guide image

Embark on an insightful journey into the world of blood cancers with our comprehensive PowerPoint presentation on Leukemias and Lymphomas. This expertly crafted resource is tailored specifically for students and...

By Dr nikitha
Bone tumours image

A complete guide to bone tumours for pathology. it is easy to understand and will also benefit the exams. It has short and descriptive topics with all the bone tumours with classification covered.

By Dr nikitha
Complete detail on Hodgkin's lymphoma image

Malignant lymphoma classification with complete details on Hodgkins lymphoma. This is made easy for undergraduate pathology with numerous diagrams.

By Raksha Goswami
Antiasthamatic Drugs image

Detailed description on Antiasthamatic drugs with easy learning it includes classification, Mode of Action, Pharmacokinetic parameters, Adverse reactions, dose of each class of drug.

By Dr nikitha
Osteoporosis and Pagets disease image

This is a ppt on osteoporosis for undergraduates and postgraduates to understand the concept. It is made easy with images and it is better to remember the topic