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Bachelors/Undergraduate Statistics resources

By nishitha kalathil
Statistics image

This is a powerpoint presentation on Basic Statistics. It covers the basic terms in statistics , its types and explanations.

By Formulas & Notes
Central tendency formulas image

Central tendency formulas Mean Median Mode How to identify Grouped & ungrouped Data Also get help to identify data with the help of table columns.

By Statistics and Probability
Solved Exercises of Introductory Statistics image

These documents contain selected solved exercises from the book "Introductory Statistics by Openstax College". Solution is provided from chapter 1 to chapter 13 and the details of the exercises is provided in...

By Statistics and Probability
Solved Problems: Control Charts, Sign Test, Regression, Hypothesis and Descriptive image

The following documents contain the graduate and postgraduate level problems related to Descriptive Statistics, Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals, Regression Analysis and Inference in Regression and...

By Statistics and Probability
Solved worksheets including Descriptive Statistics, Probability and Inference image

This product cointains the solved worksheets including Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Estimation and Hypothesis Testing. The solutions are provided in detail with explanation of the steps so students will be able...

By Statistics and Probability
Statistics for Social Sciences Solved Exercises image

This document contains selected solved exercises from the book "Statistical Methods For The Social Sciences (5th Edition) by Alan Agresti" from chapter 3 to chapter 7. All the steps are calculated and explained in...

By Statistics and Probability
Probability and Normal Distribution Examples image

These are 8 solved problems of Probability, Normal Distribution and Hypothesis testing topics. You can use these solutions to understand how to solve different problems relating to these topics. All the steps are...

By Bright Onu

This guide helps you make a choice for statistical analysis to be performed on your research data. It focuses on nine key areas which include the following; Use Cases, Industry Practical Examples, Data Preprocessing, ...

By Statistics past papers, assignments solutions
MATH-104 STATISTICS, Assignment Solution, Week-19, First year, Lancaster University image

The pdf includes handwritten solutions to the following questions. CW 19.10. CPI: Table 1 gives the consumer price index (CPI) for the UK, US, France, and Germany from 2009 to 2018. CPI is a measure of the change in...

By Statistics past papers, assignments solutions
MATH-104, Statistics past quiz solution of first year, Lancaster University image

In this pdf, I will be providing the handwritten solutions to past Quiz questions of MATH-104, First year, Lancaster University. It includes the following questions. QZ 19.7. Identify the critical t: An independent...